Guiding us on our journey


Our vision describes where we want to be in the future. The aspirations are there to guide us on our journey. Working towards them ensures that we are on the right track.

Have leading customer satisfaction for all brands in their segments

The only true measure of success is customer satisfaction.

Be the most admired employer in our industry

By being the most admired employer we attract and retain the best people.

Have industry leading profitability

Through strong performance we are able to invest in products, services and people – and thereby own our own destiny.

Unsere Vision und Zielsetzung

Unsere Vision und Zielsetzung

Unsere Lösungen für globale Herausforderungen basieren auf unserer Zielsetzung, mit Transportlösungen Wohlstand zu sichern, und auf unserer Vision, der weltweit begehrteste und erfolgreichste Anbieter von Transportlösungen zu sein.

Unsere Vision und Zielsetzung