Thesis: Improved cost control and reaction in production.

Data is a fundamental part of continous improvement work. By having the right data we can get a factual understanding and react in a pro-active way. To do more complex investigations we need to combine data to see patterns and behaviors.
Today data is collected in different databases regarding cost and production volume. By combining this data we can get a more factual basis for actions.
Suitable background:
Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Economics or similar.
Description of thesis work:
The purpose is to specify, and possibly create, a system which can collect cost and production data in a comparable way.
The assignment includes:
  • Literature study and company visits to collect information
  • Defining databases to be cross examined
  • Creata a test, or finished product, where data can be cross examined and new conclusions regarding costs can be drawn
  • Together with concerned parties define reports which will support different functions
  • Document and present results
Thesis Level: Master
Language: Swedish/English
Starting date: 2020
Number of students: 1-2
Robby Kloos, department manager.

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