Senior Buyer for Investment - Property Projects

Department, Division or Global Function
Volvo Group Purchasing, Indirect Products & Services (IPS), Japan
Reports to
Manager - Products & Facilities, IPS
Direct Reports and matrix reports to the above position
You will work with your IPS manager to plan and prioritize the business.
Mission/purpose of the job
Provide operational procurement services, sourcing implementations and carry out strategic procurement activities within the Investment - Property Projects (segments such as Construction and Renovation, Modular Buildings, Building Consultants and Property Transactions & Leases).
Scope (Local, Sub Regional, Regional, Global) and influence (Internal or External, Shared or Divergent)
This position scopes locally, and provides external, Shared and Divergent influence.
Key responsibilities / accountabilities
As a Senior Buyer & Segment owner

·Develop, update and communicate segment strategies.
·Request, review, and update Segment structure (Taxonomy).

·Develop Supplier Relationship Management plans.
·Assess suppliers according to plan (track performance).
·Lead supplier development activities; set up cross functional review meetings with suppliers in order to improve performance and further reduce cost.

·Validate, prepare and execute sourcing.
·Consolidate and prioritize sourcing projects.
·Plan sourcing project and secure resources.
·Identify and consolidate requirements.
·Identify and evaluate recommend potential suppliers.
·Develop negotiation strategy and lead cross-functional supplier negotiations.
·Contract management, sign and store agreement.
·Update System and train users.

·Create or Change Supplier Master Data.
·Perform Master Data Screening.
·Update Supplier Classification or Categorization Data.
·Secure and update Payment data.

·Order products and Services.
·Create and Approve Requisition.
·Validate toward ordering procedures and perform necessary actions.
·Create and send order.

·Advise stakeholder on modifications from original requests (if alternative, more cost efficient, or otherwise beneficial alternatives exist) .
·Advise stakeholders on procurement issues, providing support and guidance at all stages of the procurement cycle.
·Monitor internal customer contract compliance; define and take approved corrective actions to improve contract compliance.
·Improve and reinforce IPS’s profile and recognition within the internal stakeholder community.

·Identify and prioritize opportunities for reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) within the segment scope.
·Implementing efficient end to end processes.
·Proactively organize sessions with internal stakeholders to identify further TCO reduction opportunities within a segment scope.

·Reporting of all relevant targets, financial and others using pre-defined reports & frameworks.
As a Team Leader

·Coach and support buyers in the day to day work.
·Apply and transfer own knowledge and expertise to other team members in order to maximize team performance.

·Accountable for reduction of “commodity-supplier tail” (”to-be classified”, “to be segmented”, etc.).
Key targets and results
Accountable for the delivery of financial contribution and other business objectives within the commodities owned.
Preferred educational and/or training qualifications and certificates
Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree in Business Administration, Engineering or related field.
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
・Expertise and work experience related to Japanese construction
・Fluent in Japanese, both verbal and in formal writing.
・Written and verbal business communication skills in English.
・Positive attitude, target oriented approach.
・Team player acting with integrity and trust based collaboration.
・Strong team player, autonomous with the ability to take initiatives.
・Strong cost analysis capabilities.
・Business acumen and customer focus with an holistic view.
・Abilities to deal with constrains and changes, solving problems.
・Excellent professional communication skill sets.
・Basic command of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Preferred experience and knowledge
・Several years of purchasing, project management or other similar job experience will be a strong merit.
・English : TOEIC score over 700.
We want to hire an ambitious person, with a clear mind set to develop your own business skills and yourself.
Thinking out of the box and taking initiative is a key to succeed.
Working in Indirect Purchasing means you will have a lot of interaction with different departments in UD Trucks, and will interact with all levels of management.
For the right candidate, this will be an excellent opportunity to develop a high level of business skills and understanding.
You should have an ability to work independently and be highly results-oriented.
You are expected to fully commit your energy to help build a high performing and progressive work environment.

Über uns

The Volvo Group aims at being the most admired employer in the industry by attracting and engaging the best people. Volvo Group Purchasing provides competitive advantages to the Volvo Group by selecting high performing suppliers to deliver the best possible products & services with the right quality output that add real business value for our customers. We are a global division with approximately 1,300 professionals world-wide providing expertise to secure Purchasing Excellence for Customer Success. Volvo Group Purchasing has 120 BSEK in Purchasing annual spend, 2,550 suppliers in serial production, and 1,9 billion parts delivered to the Group Truck plants annually. We support the Volvo Group’s mission ‘Driving prosperity through transport solutions’ by applying the principles of Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing to the purchasing processes.

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